What happens when two individuals from a band are dependent on making music? Their spare time turns into a great side task. That is precisely what has happened to siblings Sean and Kieran Lemon of the band Room 94 – they’ve united to make ‘The Outrun’. More or less, The Outrun are a fun gathering, think Daft Punk meets DNCE. Think the provocativeness of Room 94 blended with a 80’s vibe.

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This end of the week, Sean and Kieran discharged a 5 track EP called Dirty Love. From beginning to end, the EP is basically ready to make that late spring vibe whenever or wherever. This EP is something absolutely novel, so we believed we should audit it track by track for you.
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Straight off the check, this melody is simply brimming with measurement and layers. From the second Kieran’s voice blurs in to the offbeat guitar riff all through, it is basically splendid. The beat gives you that mid year late night party feeling.

A tune about having excessively much to drink and finding the most attractive individual around. Despite the fact that we can’t identify with this circumstance, ‘Mold’ is one of our main tunes off the EP, and of the year up until now. It’s somewhat more loco then ‘Grimy Love’. It resembles nothing we’ve ever heard previously, however in such an invigorating way.

In case you’re a fanatic of Michael Jackson’s BAD, you’ll cherish this track. That late 80’s synth, those executioner vocals, and the verses that you’ll identify with. We can see this being a moment hit when played live.

Once more, another crazy future great. The tune is about every one of the inquiries you ask yourself in another relationship. Thinking about whether things are sufficient or in the event that it will simply be you two has never sounded so much fun.

Thus, this is our most loved track of the EP, and our main tune in the previous year. Each layer of sound joins superbly to make this somewhat milder track. Stole My Heart nearly makes an environment of quiet when tuning in, and we’re certain it stole our heart.

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By and large, this EP is something so altogether different. It will take you to the future and back to the 80’s. The Outrun are certainly a gathering to pay special mind to this year!

You can stream ‘Messy Love’ on Spotify now.

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